Turn an old printer into a laser cutter

Oh yes we build stuff too. While working on our laser cutter and laser burner (a pretty one) there was question visiting my mind: would a printer work? so on a weekend decided to try with a broken one laying around there. And... it works!

Kebris: more free time for you

Our work means more freedom so you can focus on whatever you like to do.

Traveling changed our lives

For a working soul, traveling changes the way you see life and work.

Photography and color

We've been here and there, our specialty: seeking new angles.

Software development

Need software for your computer or smartphone? we can help with that.

Fast and efficient websites

We build sites that load and work fast.

Agreements you can trust

Clear agreements mean easier work for everyone.

SEO: Effective content for your projects

We create and help you create search engine optimized content, but mostly: human optimized content.

We create and rescue projects

Got any project on hold? we can help you to get those ideas going.

Photography and graphic design

Beyond the tech stuff: we know how to get to your target with nice looking apps.

Technologies we use

Plenty of tools and options to choose from, we help you to choose the right one.

We build tools

There is a tool for each situation and if not: we can create it.

We work hard to understand you

Understanding your needs is the key to present the right solution that works for you.

Project managment

We help you define the right stages for your project with effective planning.


We create solutions keeping the user in mind along with the right procedures for efficient work.

Frequent asked questions

Answers to your often asked questions on how we work.

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