Usable and Friendly

We build websites that work on multiple devices focusing on usability, speed and user experience. This involves design, technical aspects and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning: web traffic that works for you.

Usable & friendly means...

Project Managment that works (for everyone)

Planning and consistent execution helps making everyone happy, specially you and your customers for a final product of real use. We keep an eye on the calendar for delivery dates and goals.

More on project managment

We listen, we care

We work hard to understand your needs and your customer's angles of vision so we can come up with the right solutions. All our projects involve confidentiality agreements so your ideas, domain name and final product always stays with you.

Confidentiality & ownership

We build, create and rebuild

Even created our own set of CMS's and Framework to offer speed and usability you can rely on.
Oh yes, we also work on different technologies too.

Yes we build!

How seriously do we take software & website development? We have our own set of CMS's and Framework, homemade so we can build solid fast applications you can enjoy.

Our set of tools

Different technologies

Fluent  PERL, PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, databases and also Drupal, Symfony, Wordpress, etc. If there is something you need and don't have the right app: we will create it for you.

Choosing the technology

Photography and graphic design

Colour & shape at your service, and beyond: we have our own photographic equipment so we can cover your PR and commercial needs. Did you like our pictures?

Our photographic experience

We also rebuild!

Unfinished projects? your developer keeps delaying delivery dates? is your website outdated? we can help, rebuild, start from scratch and finish in record time.

How can we help?

Search Engine Optimization

We can assist you on creating quality content attracting visitors and keep them coming back. Don't have the time? we can also create the content for you.

SEO: content that works

Agreements you can trust

From personal to multiuser solutions, no matter the scale: We work for you. You are the owner of your ideas, projects, graphic material, domain name, etc.

Confidentiality & ownership

The many ways we can help:

Web design & development

  • Mockup, design and final HTML + CSS
  • PSD to HTML and CMS implementations
  • Custom CMS creation to fit your needs
  • Website reset: backup and redesign so you can launch again
  • Web based multiuser applications with reports for your company
  • Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux) software development
  • Hosting and mail solutions

Photography & Video

  • Travel and commercial photography
  • Lightbox Photography
  • Time Lapse
  • Advanced photo editing & Photo restoration
  • Video editing and conversion
  • Meso America Travel Stock Photography (we own a mesoamerican photo collection)

Other stuff we do

  • Cross platform software (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Mobile development (tablets and phones), Android / Iphone
  • Intranet Content and Information Management Solutions
  • Content creation Search Engine Optimized
  • All our applications include training and manuals

Recent publications

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