Agreements you can trust

  Clear agreements mean easier work for everyone.

There is no project too small for us: all the needs and applications requested by our clients matter the same, they are all big and important. We take seriously each and every one of our implementations, be it a website or a multi user corporate portal.

From start we seek mutual agreements so all the work goes smoothly. Each project involves a confidentiality agreement to guarantee the safety of your data and ideas. All the materials created by Kebris for you belong to you and the respective owners.

More on confidentialigy and ownership

  1. Confidentiality. All the projects and ideas belong to their respective authors/companies during every stage of the work. Not a single detail will be shared with third parties unless this is requested specifically by the client. All the work we do uses a private network.

  2. Ownership. All the materials created by Kebris for the clients belong to their respective owners. From pictures to designs, it can be requested at any moment and will be given to the clients. Exception: doesn't apply if the client is not up to date with the payments..

  3. Domain registration and ownership. Yes we can manage your domains and register new ones. All the domain names belong to the respective owner/client, absolutely. If you want to work with another company there is no problem, the domain will be delivered or returned as long as the payments are up to date. In the case of renewals we will notify the client about the critial dates and fees, we won't be responsible on any domain if we don't receive an answer within those critical dates or if no payments is performed.

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