Technologies we use

  Plenty of tools and options to choose from, we help you to choose the right one.

Need websites running Drupal, Symfony, Wordpress, plain HTML + CSS etc? we help you choose the right path.

The key to success depends on choosing the right elements, there is no universal tool, this means Symfony or Drupal are not the one and only reason for success: those are just tools. While sometimes creating a new tool might be the first of many answers, it depends on how we combine everything together.

It's not Code Igniter what's going to make everything just works out of the box, it's the optimization, using the right tags, it's about knowing what tool to use and how to use it. Sometimes you don't need all the power and weight of heavy frameworks to make your web server slow, we seek efficiency. We not only know about applications: we know how to develop applications.

We study every case to propose the right tool.

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