We create solutions keeping the user in mind along with the right procedures for efficient work.

We focus on usability, combining graphic design and all the technical stuff (both on front end and backend) so your sites and applications can be fast, useful and easy to use. By this approach we produce solutions that work well on different devices (we do responsive design).

Any digital solution, beyond how it works involve a shape, a how the final user interacts with it. Any application should (actually: must) take different factors in consideration:

  • the final device
  • screen resolution
  • resources (of any kind: network, memory, etc)
  • shape, color
  • and above all: the final user
Our UX experience allows us to study all the elements and create a final product that works well along the original goals. This means a better performance and happy users who need less time for training. The early stages of development at Kebris involve studying the information, distribution of the interface elements and user context. We usually create mockups before jumping to the design stage.

Why usability matters

There are gazillion digital products on the web existing as applications. The visual aspect is not only what the user sees: it's how the user interacts with the app. So, color and appearance matter when they mean interaction and time saving. In fact, many digital solutions on the web are alike (on the problems or tasks they approach) and the difference that makes many of them a success is the interface.

There is a limit on when the user should learn and adapt to the application, versus when the application is designed for the user. Usability means just the fair share, the right balance for both worlds.

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